Chef’s Daughter

Is a new baby food and delivery company devoted to help raise the next generation with good taste. Our baby food focuses on purees and textured foods satisfying babies from weaning to eating meals with parents. We curate a line of baby foods using the best possible seasonal produce, nutrient dense oils and fat, organic meats and sustainably caught fish. Chef’s Daughter baby food will contain the freshest organic and natural ingredients and will never be pasteurized. We will deliver online orders weekly in the GTA to ensure maximum freshness.

chef-family-800x-7691Our inspiration for this company is our daughter, Charlotte, who was born last fall.
First time parents can be easily confused during the early months and year of their baby life. As a baby is weaning from breast milk or formula and beginning to show an interest in solids, it is hard to know what to do from there. Breast milk was easy, now what? At this time a baby is growing so fast, and brain development happening a light speed. It is proven a baby needs a full fat diet, needs omega 3’s and 6’s, needs protein, needs to keep iron levels up and is excited to try new and interesting tastes. Shelf stable baby food is not fresh. In pasteurization most flavor and nutrients are cooked to a lifeless mash. Our goal is to bring life back to the food we feed our children. If young palates are exposed to bland processed foods, then this is what they will crave as they grow from infant to child. Friends of Chef’s Daughter will grow up expecting the same taste sensations as their parents, and be groomed to be satisfied with the same diet parents eat sooner.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

We go to great lengths to insure our produce comes from reputable farms and waters. We use traditional and modern techniques to maximize the nutrients and flavor from these ingredients. We are most concerned with creating a healthy balanced meal and good eating habits early in your young diners life. By raising friends of Chef’s Daughter parents will benefit from having comfort in the idea that babies nutritional needs are being met, that the chore of dealing with cumbersome kitchen equipment is minimized and that baby is developing taste buds in sync with dishes created in the best restaurants around the world.


“Daddy”, Chef David Chrystian

chef-800x-5259-600x533Has been a prominent chef in the Toronto food scene for the past 20 years. He was a pioneer in the local food movement, opening Patriot restaurant featuring upscale Canadian cuisine nearly two decades ago, was the opening chef at The Drake hotel, and most recently the executive chef and partner at Victor restaurant at Hotel le Germain. David also gained national attention as a finalist on Top Chef Canada.

While nutritionally packed, Chef’s Daughter baby food will also approach developing tastes from a chef’s perspective.

The goal we have for our daughter is to raise a “baby foodie”, a mini culinary global citizen who will try and taste everything. We, like many others, are urban parents who take advantage of living in the world’s most culturally diverse city, and we want our daughter to as well! To achieve this goal, Daddy Chef David will make the food so yummy, as to satisfy even the most fussy eaters.

“Mommy”, Katherine Solomon

katherine-aboutHas had a longstanding interest in the relationship between diet and both physical and emotional health. During her pregnancy this interest extended to childhood nutrition when she read all she could about prenatal nutrition, and later, researched the transition to solid foods and setting your child up for a lifetime of healthy eating.

We always intended on make our own baby food, however as part of our research we investigated what was being offered in stores. We were disappointed that the most important ingredients we had read about in literature on infant nutrition, iron and “good” fats, could not be found on the stores’ shelves. These foods were simply not available as shelf stable products.

Fresh market food trends that have become part of a lifestyle for most adults and older children had left behind arguably the most important phase of physical, mental and taste development! Additionally, we found the baby food available at even upscale grocery stores to be bland, lacking spices or additional natural flavours.

In an ideal scenario, parents would have the time and skills necessary to make their own baby food, however the reality is that many parents do not.
The intent of Chef’s Daughter is to offer families of all kinds the very best quality food, that is as good (or better) than what one would prepare at home, without spending the time or energy having to shop, cook, or clean, leaving more time to spend as a family. We are offering peace of mind and time saved, both of which are a premium in today’s families’ busy lifestyles. We encourage parents to make their own baby food, however our product is meant to be the best and most delicious alternative.

Chef’s Daughter Charlotte

baby-blog-5176Is a lucky little girl. Over the short span of her life we have taken her to the gulf coast of Florida, to Honolulu, to museums, galleries, the finest restaurants in Toronto and to beautiful wine country in Niagara. We want her to experience everything, or maybe we mean, we don’t want to stop experiencing everything with her.

She is teaching us about diet and nutrition. Since inception “mommy” began research and the food she ate then has had impact on what Charlotte likes now.

Cooking for Katherine and baby Charlotte was “daddy’s” first step in defining his newest and, undoubtedly most important, culinary role. When Charlotte was born, so too was David’s desire for a change of lifestyle that would allow him to play an active role as a father and husband, and remain a great a chef.